days 1&2

I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not posting daily. That would get long-winded and boring. I promise.

Here’s our setup:

  • Two old rugs
  • a garage
  • 3 sets of dumbbells
  • a laptop to play the videos we purchased
  • ourselves,  in basic gym attire (shoes optional if you’re my husband).

I’m impressed with the minimal amount of items needed.

Day 1:  We took “before” pics, made t-shirts to countdown the day and completed the workout together, while our child napped away his toddler ‘tude (he’s teething, I feel bad for him).


I hated it.

Positive thoughts: Mike and I were actually pretty good at encouraging each other. We had fun. We yelled at the video together. Made stupid comments about how Drea (one of the randoms working out in the video) is an overachiever. Laughed at Tony (the hosts)’s terrible, cheesy jokes. Best of all – we respected each others’ physical limitations. We praised one another for our accomplishments and encouraged each other to push forward.

Negative thoughts: I want to eat candy and sit on the couch. My body hurts and I hate this feeling of discomfort.

Annoying thoughts: I’m actually really glad my entire body hurts enough that I can’t sit down on the toilet without screaming a little. It’s weirdly comforting to know I did something right.

Day 2: I took all my stats (Weight, Measurements, BMI) and then dwelled on them a little (lot). We worked out separately due to scheduling conflicts. Again, I worked out while my kid was asleep. It won’t always happen like that, but I’m ok with it right now.

I hated it less.

Positive thoughts: It was cardio, which I like. I used to run quite a bit. I’ll never claim to be a runner, but I do enjoy it casually. I was shocked to see my endurance was pretty freaking good. Also, the workout was 10 minutes less than yesterday. HOORAY.

Negative thoughts: I was legitimately concerned I wouldn’t be able to do it based on my soreness. Alas, I powered through and it was barely noticeable (except during the banana peels, which can just forget it).

I’m hardcore craving sugar. This is a MASSIVE problem with me. I love baking, chocolate, and all fruity candy ever. I eat yogurt to try and curve the cravings. I’m not a dietician though. I know there are some restrictions I could take with my diet to get the best results ever, except I know my limitations. I’m catering this to MY lifestyle.

Annoying thoughts: I already missed hanging out with my boo and sweating together . I’m feeling muscles I didn’t know exist. Why hello there, lats.  Also, I crushed that yoga portion. Still got it.





here we go.

(This will be my longest entry. Stick with me.)

How beneficial could a weightless challenge be for your marriage? I have no idea. I’m actually wondering.

My husband and I agreed before marriage that we should do a project/hobby together. Sort of a ‘team building/marriage therapy’ thing to help keep our story lively. We don’t like to be bored. We get sad. Real sad.

Except life happened way faster than we anticipated. We were engaged, married, pregnant, parents, 1st time homeowners, & I became a stay-at-home mom (after 10 years of corporate life) in 22 months. HAHA insane, right? So many big risks, so many blessings. Some asked for, some a surprise. Those are stories for another time. Lots of other things happened, but not as life-changing. Taking on a project would’ve been counterproductive to our pride.

I’ve read things about weight loss and (mostly) assumed positive, but is that really relevant to MY marriage?  MY personality? HIS personality? OUR determination levels? OUR pride in holding each other accountable? OUR busy lives.

I. DO. NOT. KNOW. (but lets find out? I guess?)

This is not the project of our dreams.

But it’s a good, practical one that will do (for now). We’re doing p90X (including a healthy diet…of learning portion control). We’ll post pics, videos, and real life thoughts. Happy, sad, and annoying things.

My goal is to see the psychological benefits and to see how we grow as a couple. That’s really it. I’m excited to devote a part of us to the same project.

Oh, and this is what we look like (plus, our cute kid as a bonus! You’re welcome.) As you can see, we’re already in prime physical condition. So many muscles. EVERYWHERE. It’s really embarrassing for you.